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There’s a simple truth about the transport business: only a full truck earns money. And that’s, what it’s all about: being efficient to the max. As one of the biggest logistics companies worldwide we know this very well. That's why we created Drive 4 Schenker.

DB Schenker has been in transportation for over 140 years. And we know: Logistics is a very tough business. Also for our partners – our carriers. Your job is complicated enough. Enter Drive4Schenker. Intuitive, clear, and clutter-free. The portal is designed to make your life a whole lot easier. Finding the right load you are looking for has never been faster.

With Drive4Schenker, you get access to over 5,000 attractive loads per day all over Europe. You’ll be spoiled by the choice. You are now able to pick exactly the load best fitting your needs.

And the best: No costs. Drive4Schenker is free.

Wouldn’t it be nice that your drivers have every single information about the loads they carry for us right in their pockets?

Welcome to the Drive4Schenker app! Giving your drivers all required information for your transport. Fast, easy and at the tip of a finger.

There’s one fact carriers all over the world know very well: Only a full truck is a good truck. No one really needs empty runnings.

Luckily now there’s a solution: Drive4Schenker. The portal will help you finding a Schenker backload wherever you are in Europe. And whenever you want to. Just try it out – and reduce your empty runnings.

You know how it normally works: first you deliver – and then you send the Proof Of Delivery documents to us. This takes time.

Let us speed up that process! Use the Drive4Schenker app to photograph and upload PODs and you and we’ll have access to the documents in real time. This means: less paper work, faster payments!

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