Jördis is a globetrotter and works in different countries

Eleven months and 21 days after her trainee program at DB Schenker, Jördis can say one thing: I couldn't have made a better decision.

During her studies in economics at Johannes Gutenberg-Uni in Mainz (Germany), Jördis did not initially concentrate on the logistics sector. But then her professor led her on the interesting path of this topic. "He had me enthused about the subject and that's why I laid the focus on logistics and IT in my master's degree."

How can such a powerful and extensive international network work? How are the transport streams organized there and how does this match with the theory we learn during our studies? Those were and are the questions that brought Jördis to DB Schenker and that inspire her on a daily basis. "Today we live in a time where many things are ordered online and delivered home. Therefore, logistics is simply the backbone of our economy. In her opinion global trade without logistics would just not happen."

"I always had the feeling of being welcome."

DB Schenker as a company was always appealing to her. This impression was confirmed during the application process, in interviews and at the assessment center. "Of course, you were tested for stressful situations, but everyone has always been kind and open to me."