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Employee Stories

DB Schenker is the top choice for people pursuing a career in the global transport and logistics industry. Whether you’re looking to start your career with us, or advance your job with an industry leader, we have a multitude of roles in over 130 countries covering all areas of business, such as logistics, IT, finance, marketing, and HR. Learn more about what makes DB Schenker the perfect place for your career.

Portrait Rob, Continuous Improvement Project Manager
© DB Schenker

Rob, Continuous Improvement Project Manager, OpEx BeNeLux

"We live by the ‘One Team, One Goal’ motto, and the ‘why’ of DB Schenker blends well with my personal why.”
Rob, Continuous Improvement Project Manager, OpEx BeNeLux Read more
Jerome standing in front of the Golden Truck
© DB Schenker

Jerome, Truck Driver

“DB Schenker may be a large corporation, but it also has a large heart.”
Jerome, Truck Driver Read more
Bob Warehouse Operator at jobsite

Bob, Warehouse Operator

“I want to make it easier for all our team members, so that they can work smarter, and not harder.”
Bob, Warehouse Operator Read more
DB Schenker employee Yasuhiro in the office
© DB Schenker

Yasuhiro, Director

“I have a strong passion for geographies and working with people from different cultures. Diversity inspires me and it moves me forward every single day."
Yasuhiro, Director Read more
DB Schenker Head of Hotel Logistics UK Heidi
© DB Schenker

Heidi, Head of Hotel Logistics UK

"With every project we complete, we are learning and developing."
Heidi, Head of Hotel Logistics UK Read more
DB Schenker Facility Coordinator Gerrit
© DB Schenker

Gerrit, Facility Coordinator

“My brother worked in trucking and I liked what he was doing; that’s why I came to work here.”
Gerrit, Facility Coordinator Read more
DB Schenker Career IT Supervisor Nanjing
© DB Schenker

Angela, IT Supervisor

"Within my team, we always look for opportunities to continuously improve each project."
Angela, IT Supervisor Read more
DB Schenker Employee Simon IT Developer
© DB Schenker

Simon, IT Developer

"What I'm doing here is playing a small part of the big system. But every cog in the wheel is important to bring the customer further."
Simon, IT Developer Read more
DB Schenker Employee District Manager Mabel at her Desk
© DB Schenker

Mabel, District Manager

“I don’t like to narrow it down to a single opportunity; I always like to leave my options open, let's see what's next"
Mabel, District Manager Read more
DB Schenker Warehouse Manager Forklift
© DB Schenker

Yosvani, Warehouse Manager

"Diversity has helped me to recognize and respect ‘ways of being’ that are not necessarily my own."
Yosvani, Warehouse Manager Read more
DB Schenker Employee Neville Working
© DB Schenker

Neville, Unit Operational Leader

“You must make the best out of what you have. Think positive – always!”
Neville, Unit Operational Leader Read more
DB Schenker Employee Frank Truck Driver
© DB Schenker

Frank, Truck Driver

“I am not a number; I’m personally important and recognized.”
Frank, Truck Driver Read more
DB Schenker Branch Manager Benjamin and Nouri
© DB Schenker

Nouri and Benjamin, Branch Manager

“There’s never a dull moment around here.”
Nouri and Benjamin, Branch Manager Read more
DB Schenker Career Truck Driver
© DB Schenker

Jan, Truck Driver

“Representing DB Schenker while driving the Golden Truck has been a great experience,”
Jan, Truck Driver Read more
DB Schenker Trainees VR Technology
© DB Schenker

Nell and David, Apprenticeship

"There are so many different attractive and complex work areas, I’d never guessed."
Nell and David, Apprenticeship Read more
DB Schenker Employee Jördis Trainee Working
© DB Schenker

Jördis, Trainee

"The great thing about the trainee program is that each trainee can decide for themselves what they want to focus on."
Jördis, Trainee Read more
DB Schenker Employee Lara Manager Lead Change and People Engagement
© DB Schenker

Lara, Program Lead

"Working at DB Schenker is exciting and challenging at the same time. Every day is another learning experience."
Lara, Program Lead Read more

Open Job Positions

DB Schenker Cultural Diversity


We are proud of our diverse workforce and we are ready to foster it further more.

Diversity Read more
Hands blue grey

Corporate Volunteering

We are convinced that social responsibility is a key factor for the long-term success of our company. We therefore invest in our employees and provide them with opportunities to grow, learn and make a positive social impact through our corporate volunteering schemes.

Corporate Volunteering Read more


Do you have any questions about an open job position? Then please contact the person listed in the job offer. You can find out more about current vacancies here.

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